Now Is The Time

Hank writes: "Damn you nail it again. It's like you are always writing what I am thinking. I mastermind and we keep talking about how, now is the time. Especially if you went through any of the past down turns in the economy. Now is the time to get on […] Read more »

No Tomorrow

Earlier this week I was watching "The Miracle on Hudson River", a documentary about US Airways Flight 1549 that hit a flock of geese and made an emergency landing in the Hudson River. Can you believe it's been 5 years already? Feels like yesterday. Read more »

Why More Info Hurts Results

Busy day with inner circle calls and coaching sessions yesterday. Managed to get a 21km mountain bike ride in between calls which was awesome. Headed through the national park and down to the ocean. I find my afternoons are always more productive when I get some exercise earlier in the […] Read more »

Workaholic Dweeb

7:52am Sunday morning here in Nelson Bay as I sit writing to you. We've got a big group of friends staying the weekend for my birthday celebrations. The house is just stirring now. Me? I've been up for two hours writing copy for my supplement business. Some would say I'm […] Read more »

Living The Dream

Yesterday one of my inner circle clients posted this photo of the view from his hotel in Thailand during our weekly coaching session:  "This is what I always use to dream about... traveling to different countries and working from my laptop." Read more »

Buying Vs Selling

How'd you pull up after the Black Friday / Cyber Monday madness? No matter where in the world you are it's hard to avoid the craziness... Even though we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, we love a good bandwagon so many of our stores have been running big sales. […] Read more »

Making a Sea Change

About a month ago I did a sea change and moved to Nelson Bay. It's a popular holiday destination two and a half hours north of Sydney known for it's crystal clear waters and laid back lifestyle... Read more »

My Two Bosses

Back in 2000 I was working as a software developer in Sydney. We were a small company of 8 people with offices on the 4th floor of an old brownstone walk up opposite Darling Harbour. There was no air conditioning so in summer you'd be dripping with sweat by the […] Read more »