The 4 Goals (Sneak Peak Video)

I just uploaded a 4-minute sneak peak video from my Advanced Sales Training for you. Watch it now to discover the 4 simple goals for a successful sales call. Video Highlights 0:07 - Goal #1. How to establish authority and make the prospect feel at ease. 0:28 - Goal #2. […] Read more »

1 Simple Idea For Increased Sales

Ever notice how a single idea can change your perception forever? You might study a topic for years and have a certain view about it. Then one day you learn something new... hear a concept explained in a unique way... are shown a pattern you'd previously missed... or discover a […] Read more »

Why Consultants Suck at Sales

In a coaching call last week a client told me how his biggest weakness is sales. He knows he can provide massive value to his market. Has no problem putting up a website, driving traffic, and getting a lead generation machine going. But when it comes to getting on the […] Read more »

Marketing Without Money

Yesterday we were talking about building marketing systems that bring clients to you. Today I want to answer a question I get all the time. In fact this one came in via Facebook just the other day: "I don't have any money for advertising right now. What you would do […] Read more »

Question from Norway

Great question from a client and subscriber from Norway: "Just read your latest post Door To Door Fails.  I know what you mean when you are describing someone as a "young introverted computer geek who doesn’t even like talking to strangers on the phone". Read more »

Door To Door Fails

My palms were sweaty. Hands shaking. Throat dry. I'd been standing at the front door practicing opening lines in my head for 9 minutes. Too scared to go in. Too fed up to walk away again. Read more »

When to pivot into a more profitable market?

Have you read The Lean Startup by Eric Ries? It's about agile startups -- getting a minimum viable product to market, collecting data, and constantly iterating products based on market feedback. In the book he talks about the concept of pivoting vs persevering. (He describes a pivot as a "structured […] Read more »