Inappropriate Behaviour from Clients

Recently I was speaking with one of my TIC members about inappropriate behaviour from some of her clients. She told me: "I didn't filter hard at the start so I now have clients trying all sorts of stuff that is inappropriate." What kind of inappropriate things? Read more »

Curse of the Slow Sales Cycle

Two months. Two freakin' months! That's how long our sales cycle was back when I worked in the web development business. From the time we initially made contact via a business developer's cold call... through initial meetings, strategy sessions, wireframe mock ups, business case presentations, and boozy lunches... to a […] Read more »

Building Your Funnel

One of the most important milestones in building a successful consulting business is developing an effective sales funnel. An established process for taking people from initial contact all the way through to becoming a client. A predictable, repeatable, consistent system that you can rely on. Put X number of leads […] Read more »

Their stink will get on you

Just landed in wet n windy Miami. 30 degrees, 25km/h winds, 80% humidity.  It's the second day of hurricane season, and while a hurricane hasn't struck in 8 straight seasons, there have been a number of near misses and forecasters say this lucky streak won't last forever. Fingers crossed […] Read more »

Are great clients found or made?

Are great clients found or made? It's the old nature vs nurture question. Some people believe all the great clients are "out there" waiting to be found. That there is a magic pool of high-quality leads -- or secret club they all belong to -- just waiting for you to […] Read more »

What happens in Vegas…

Last night I was in a club talking to a girl with a green badge on her dress. Turns out she was doing a club-hopping tour with about 200 other partygoers. Everyone wears a badge to signify their availability. Read more »

Why I Don’t Gamble

Ever since word got out I'm in Vegas people have been wishing me luck and asking to "put $5 on black for me". Thing is, other than the odd game of poker, I don't gamble. It never made sense to me. And I'm probably lucky my first few experiences were […] Read more »

Deal Flow

I still remember the early days of my marketing consulting business. I didn't have a clear focus for my business, wasn't really sure who I wanted to attract, and had no consistent marketing going on. Not surprisingly, my deal flow was erratic. One week I'd speak with one prospect. The […] Read more »

How to Not Care

Last email we were talking about emotional detachment. Not caring whether you get a "yes" or "no" from any one prospect. This is often a lot easier said than done. Took me a couple years bangin' my head against the wall before I finally got it. Couple of months solid […] Read more »