My Two Bosses

Back in 2000 I was working as a software developer in Sydney. We were a small company of 8 people with offices on the 4th floor of an old brownstone walk up opposite Darling Harbour. There was no air conditioning so in summer you'd be dripping with sweat by the […] Read more »

[Taking Action] Concurrent Vs. Sequential

"To be more productive you should focus on one thing at a time." This sequential action is what most people will tell you to do. And it's generally good advice. IF you want to be more productive. But I've found there's a big difference between being productive and being effective... Read more »

What’s your story?

"What's your story?" That's one of my favourite questions to start a conversation with a potential client. Another is: "So, how'd you get into this business anyway?". At which point they will begin to tell you their story... Read more »

The 4 Goals (Sneak Peak Video)

I just uploaded a 4-minute sneak peak video from my Advanced Sales Training for you. Watch it now to discover the 4 simple goals for a successful sales call. Video Highlights 0:07 - Goal #1. How to establish authority and make the prospect feel at ease. 0:28 - Goal #2. […] Read more »

1 Simple Idea For Increased Sales

Ever notice how a single idea can change your perception forever? You might study a topic for years and have a certain view about it. Then one day you learn something new... hear a concept explained in a unique way... are shown a pattern you'd previously missed... or discover a […] Read more »

Why Consultants Suck at Sales

In a coaching call last week a client told me how his biggest weakness is sales. He knows he can provide massive value to his market. Has no problem putting up a website, driving traffic, and getting a lead generation machine going. But when it comes to getting on the […] Read more »