Should >> Could >> Must

I've got 3 or 4 notebooks full of them. Things I should do. Programs I should create. Books I should write. Ideas I should implement. Hundreds of pages of notes from seminars, books, courses, consultations, and info products. But 99% of these plans will never see the light of day. […] Read more »

Slow Down to Speed Up

Got this email yesterday you might relate to: "Time is the big issue and I don't want to get delayed trying to perfect etc , you know the usual things that delay me. Baby number 3 is on the way so I need to make this happen NOW, otherwise it […] Read more »

Keeping the Goal the Goal

When I was a young teenager I broke my left leg pretty bad. Snapped both my tibia (shinbone) and fibula (calf bone) in half. Broke the ankle at the same time too. Doctors had to screw a 6 inch plate into my leg and drill a screw through my ankle […] Read more »

Coffee is for closers

Been getting a lot of questions about how to start landing higher value clients. Some of you are looking to go from $500 per month clients to $1,500 per month. Others want to leap from $3,000 projects to $30,000 projects like one of my TIC members recently did. But no […] Read more »

The greatest comeback of all time?

In my last email I said most people are dead at 25 just not buried til 70. Get up, eat, go to work, eat, come home, eat, then sleep and repeat for 40-odd years. Every day losing another small part of yourself. Living in a trance and they don't even […] Read more »

I challenge you

Yesterday's email about the fear of criticism really shook people up. The response was HUGE. And you know what? Understanding the power these types of fears can have on you is a massive breakthrough for many people. Read more »

Turning $4,000 clients into $25k clients

After I got my $4,000 client I couldn't wait to tell my copywriting mentor. The next morning I woke as usual at 4am, put the kettle on, stumbled around in the dark until I found the coffee plunger, and brewed my daily dose of motivation. I completed my morning writing […] Read more »

First client = $4,000

Have you heard the story about how I charged $4,000 for my very first copywriting gig? (This is going back some 7-odd years when that seemed like a lot of money!) At the time, most newbie copywriters were fighting for scraps and doing $500 jobs just to put food on […] Read more »