The Mexican Fisherman

An American investment banker was taking a much-needed vacation in a small coastal Mexican village when a small boat with just one fisherman docked. The boat had several large, fresh fish in it. The investment banker was impressed by the quality of the fish and asked the Mexican how long […] Read more »

The 2016 Consulting Niche Cheat Sheet


Four and a half years ago I released "The 57 Players" report. It revealed the top 57 markets my clients and I have had the most success selling consulting services to. It also contained my 7 key criteria for identifying high-value clients. That report has been downloaded thousands of times, […] Read more »

Say “no” to get more “yes”

When I first started in consulting my approach was "say yes and then figure it out". No matter what the client asked for, I would take the job and then learn how to do it myself or hire someone else do to it for me. Website programmed in .asp? No […] Read more »

Success in a new niche

This week one of my Tycoon Inner Circle clients landed his first account in a new niche and wrote this in the members forum: "I have landed a ____________ as a client and it is someone who received my direct mail sequence, spoke to me on the phone for quite […] Read more »

Getting paid on performance

Lately I've had a few conversations with coaching students about how to add performance-based deals into their service mix. The type of deals where you get a percentage of the profits your work brings in. There are a bunch of ways you can do these types of deals. But some […] Read more »

Playing Not To Lose Vs Playing To Win

You've probably heard the saying, "don't put all your eggs in one basket." It's well-intentioned advice that sometimes has its place. (Mostly when you don't control any of the baskets.) But in many cases it's the complete opposite of what you should do if you want to become successful. It's […] Read more »

Competing against in-house staff (Q&A)

Next question in the Q & A series comes from Adam. He wants to know how you market services to companies that already have staff dedicated to the particular problem you solve. "For example, a mid-sized government contracting company is bidding on a new government contract. They have at least […] Read more »

Targeting Larger Clients (Q&A)

All week I'm answering subscriber questions about consulting. What's the most challenging question you need an answer to? Just hit reply and ask. Casey asks: "I'd like to learn more about selling "email marketing" to bigger businesses. Currently I run a white label service setting up email systems, landing pages, […] Read more »