Breakthrough Consulting Bootcamp

“How To Get Focused, Get Serious,
And Triple Your Consulting Income
In The Next 90 Days”

  • Guaranteed to be worth at least 10 times your investment.
  • You get proven step-by-step systems for generating $10,000 per week with local business consulting. (Including case studies, scripts, swipe files, and action plans.)
  • Features the complete 2 day training and 73-page workbook — marketing, mindset, list building, prospecting, follow up, sales plan and more!
  • PLUS you get FREE access to bonus trainings on how to create a USP for your consulting business, email marketing strategies, and monthly question & answer sessions.

If you’re ready for a breakthrough in your business… and want to start attracting high profit clients with ease… then I’ve got just what you need.

Here’s the story:

I recently went through 12 months of notes from my “Tycoon Inner Circle” high level coaching calls. (Membership in this program is $597 per month.) And I pulled out all the nuggets of information that helped my students break through to the next level.

The type of information that saw guys like Stephen Neander do $10,000 his first month… $30,000 in the second… and $90,000 in month three.

Then I put on a special 2-day event for my VIP clients — the Breakthrough Consulting Bootcamp — covering all the critical factors needed for massive success.

And now, I’ve made the recordings of this event available online for you to watch right now.

However, access is not cheap.

And there’s no money back guarantee.

(You get instant access to some of my best strategies, techniques, and advice… step-by-step plans John used to generate over $100,000 in just weeks… plus 12 months of gold nuggets from my Tycoon Inner Circle program others paid almost $6,000 to get… and once you’ve seen behind the curtain there’s no going back.)

So if you’re not serious about taking your local business consulting income to the next level then you probably shouldn’t invest.

To help you decide if you should invest in this program, here are some of the things you’re going to discover once you’re inside the members area:


  • How to get out of your own way and quickly create a quantum leap in your income.
  • The three key areas making up 80% of your results.
  • How to blast through personal blockages and obstacles in your way.
  • What questions to ask yourself when you feel stuck — eliminates overwhelm, gets rid of distractions, and helps you get focused.
  • How to set (and finally achieve) big goals.


  • How to get “deal flow” so you can raise your prices and start choosing the clients you want to work with.
  • The difference between process and event marketing… and which one works best for consultants.
  • Exactly what you should be marketing to your prospects to get the maximum number of qualified leads to respond.
  • The best places to market yourself without having to cold call or even leave the house!
  • How to take the pressure of trying to “close” and have clients seek you out.
  • Where to find good clients with money.


  • How John generated $41,500 of business from LinkedIn in 4 weeks. (Step by step process plus client examples.)
  • The business card pickup — a 5-step system for getting at least one new high value client each week.
  • How to generate high quality leads and take them from cold to warm lightning fast.
  • The 4 best places to get clients if you’re working local.
  • How to leverage trade shows to get to key decision makers with BIG money to spend.


  • My most up to date marketing swipe file for local business consultants!
  • Consumer Awareness Guide — strategy overview, report ideas, 4-step lead generation direct mail sequence, direct response ads, PPC ads, free recorded message script, lift letter, follow up letter.
  • Info Product Business — lead gen ads for PPC, newspapers, magazines, banners, free recorded message script.
  • Video Review — follow up call script.


  • My ideal client criteria.
  • The 3 places my best clients spend money.
  • WARNING — not all lists are created equal. How to build a list of hot prospects who want to buy what you’re selling.
  • Where to rent the best lists and how read data cards to find your ideal clients.
  • Top niches proven to have big ticket buyers happy to spend money.


  • How an 8-week follow up sequence costing $12 generated over $30,000 in business from one client.
  • The mindset & frame you must approach follow up with.
  • How to be relentless, religious, and consistent in your follow up without annoying prospects.
  • 12 types of follow up pieces proven to get results.
  • Why up to 80% of your income will come from follow up. (If you are making $100,000 now with no follow up you could be making $500,000 with an effective follow up system.)
  • How to get referrals from prospects you follow up with… even if they never become a client!
  • Stealth education-based follow up strategies.


  • How to use SPIN selling effectively.
  • Why asking the wrong type of questions can hurt your chances of landing high paying clients.
  • How to go fishing for high value problems you can solve.
  • 5 types of questions you can use to increase the perceived value of your solution. (If you want to get $10,000+ clients you must start asking these type of questions!)
  • How to turn the free built-in features of WordPress into benefits worth $50,000 or more to your ideal clients.
  • How to build layers of commitment that naturally leads to prospects closing themselves.
  • Why this system means you don’t need to be a good “salesman” to get big ticket clients.
  • When and how to get your prospect’s highest level criteria and quickly get deep rapport.


  • Secrets of strategic vs random pitches. (And why everything you say matters!)
  • How I structure my presentations to eliminate competitors and position my solution as the only logical choice.
  • 5 types of pitches to help you get high paying clients.
  • How a 30 second conversation can change your prospect’s mindset from “how much will this cost” to “can you please help me”.
  • How to answer difficult questions perfectly every time.


  • The 10 Second Pitch — How to engage prospects very quickly in a non-threatening, informal environment, where you can extract intelligence, demonstrate your expertise, and have them want you to sit down with them!
  • Key phrases to insert into your scripts to attract high value clients.
  • The Simple Sales Plan — How John went from zero to over $10,000 per week selling to local businesses.
  • Why you shouldn’t talk about Internet marketing, SEO, websites, or anything technical if you want to land big ticket clients.
  • An 8-question script to position yourself as a strategic expert and setup a consultation where they expect to buy.


  • The most important thing you need to do every day.
  • How to beat procrastination with the cue-routine-reward loop.
  • How your unconscious patterns are driving your success or failure. (And the step-by-step method to change them.)
  • Little-known secrets high producers use to make success easier to achieve than failure.
  • The food experiment I did that doubled my productivity.
  • How to eliminate the negative self-talk holding you back.
  • The mental side of attracting money and how you can become a money magnet.
  • How to get momentum in your business fast.
  • The secret of congruence and why you cannot become successful without it.
  • How to get in the zone and get stuff done.

Now, I should warn you this ‘aint no fancy production.

It’s mostly just me on screen, sitting at my laptop going through my notes, and answering questions from the group. So if you’re expecting HD video of a professional speaker in suit-n-tie running around a stage like a motivation guru then this probably isn’t for you.

My focus is on quality content delivery only.

If that’s cool with you then you’re going to get a ton of value out of this program.

Anyway, here’s the deal:

The Breakthrough Consulting Bootcamp recordings are available inside a private membership area. You can get access for a one-time payment of $399.

When you join today you’ll also get:

  • USP Creation Webinar. Learn how to create the ultimate unique selling proposition for your business to eliminate the competition and make you the only logical choice to buy from. Recording available for instant download.
  • Email Copywriting Webinar. Discover my simple email copywriting strategies for maximising your profits from even the tiniest of lists. Recording available for instant download.
  • Q & A Webinars. Each month I run a question and answer session for my clients. We have an hour together to get through as many of your questions, challenges, and opportunities as possible. These are always a lot of fun and produce some of my best content. Recordings available each month.

If that doesn’t make it a no-brainer I don’t know what would.

Remember this is for people serious about local business consulting only.

And it’s not meant for anyone else.

If you feel like you’re a good fit then register below and you’ll be watching the first session in just a few moments.

See you on the inside,

Kyle Tully

P.S. There’s another session I forgot to mention earlier:


How to use simple WordPress sites to land tens of thousands of dollars in high profit projects, including:

  • The entire process John used to rank a local niche site on page #1 of Google with 2.5 hours of work…
  • How he used the site to land a $6,000 website + $1,500/m SEO contract…
  • And how he then repeated the process to get another $17,000 project!

This short session could easily sell as a standalone product.

But it’s yours free when you join today.